Dry Cleaning

Many natural fibers such as wools and silks as well as synthetic fabrics such as polyester require the use of special fluids to remove soils and stains. The types of fabrics often shrink, distort and lose color when washed in water.


Ken’s Cleaners can make alterations for any of your garments, whether it’s just replacing a button or zipper, needing hems to shorten or lengthened to all of your sizing changes.


We offer laundry services for those everyday items like Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts, and denim.

Stain Removal

We examine every garment for stains. With the use of our special cleaning agents and equipment, our experts can remove most of the worst-looking stains.


With our professional pressing equipment, our finishing gives your garments a crisp new look, which is wrinkle-free.


Ken’s Cleaners is proud to help you in the preservation of your memories. Our preservation service helps protect and prolong the life of your garments.

Household items

Ken’s Cleaners is not just for cleaning clothing but household items such as Draperies, Bedspreads, Table clothes, fine household products and sleeping bags.

Leather and Suede

These garments require a little extra care and do take some extra time. Our process gently removes the dirt and leaves the leather soft and supple.

Formal Wear

Our Cleaning process keeps your evening-wear and special occasion clothing fresh, bright and looking its best. Our cleaning process will help to brighten colors and refresh the textures of fine fabrics.


The Elements can be tuff on clothing; rain, snow, sun, and wind can dull colors and ruin fabrics. Ken’s cleaners can help restore the colors and texture of these garments. Many of these garments contain down or fiberfill in their linings and require special handling and take a few extra days of care.